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from Bellpuig.

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Ponent o.d. Creativity

I really like my town! You'll have already noticed 😜

I like to explain it because rural life has given me an alternative perspective, which I have been able to confront and transform with the years lived in Girona, Bilbao, Hasselt and Barcelona. Cities that have made me grow and evolve as a creative, designer and communicator.

Create, capture attention, inspire & make people fall in love

I am passionate about creating new concepts, impacting the public, moving them, creating value, transgressing and innovating.

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With Narcís Villodre, a colleague and good friend of the university, we are in the process of creating a narrative. One brings out the best of the other while we explore the world of literature, in a narrative with a novel aspiration.

If you want to read the first part, download this PDF (in Catalan), and tell us what you think!

I'm a proactive person, I like challenges, put myself to the test and discover new universes. 

I am currently working on the communication team and supporting the ISPROX technical team, and designing the UX/UI for WeTown , a citizen participation platform.

I continue to train day by day, discovering new areas of design, communication, and anything that can bring me on a personal and professional level.

These, and other services are the ones I can offer you to create a unique and different product.


VMLY&ROctober 2018 - May 2019

Creative art director

As an internship Art Director, I was in charge of thinking ideas and designing creatives (Newsletters, network publications ...) for clients such as Tosta Rica, Danacol, Nocilla, among others.

OgilvyJuly 2019 - January 2020

Graphic designer

In Ogilvy’s PR department, I learned how to optimize my workflow as a graphic designer by designing brochures, posters, presentations ... for clients like Boehringer, Martini or Dewar’s.

Roca FarinersSeptember 2020 - September 2021

Communication manager

As the person in charge of the communication of Farinera Roca, I take care of the networks, the web, the Newsletters, the campaigns, the labels ... and anything that can be communicated!

ISPROXSeptember 2021 - Currently

Marketing & IT Support

Among other tasks, I am in charge of updating social media, creating content for the web blog, and designing all the creatives. In addition, I am responsible for solving the problems of web users.

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Where I studied, the languages I know, or other work experiences.

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Marta Domingo

PR Ogilvy Barcelona Director
Having worked with the company and in our department during this period, I can say that Eduard is a responsible and hardworking professional. A restless person who knows how to achieve valuable results under the pressure of the "Deadlines", and face challenges with ease.

Marc Berenguer

Creative duo
To understand who Edu is, one has to imagine a person who, apparently, we could say is “unusual”. He has an original imagination, his own cultural background and is always restless in the face of what he does not know. Definitely someone who is constantly learning and applying everything they know.

Llorenç Solé

CEO WeTown
I have worked with Eduard on different projects and I can only say wonders. Apart from being an exceptional person, he is a disruptive creative, and most importantly, he knows how to capture and make any idea a reality. For me, an all-terrain creative who successfully faces all the challenges that lie ahead.


Improve your identity

The corporate identity of any brand is very important in order to reach its potential audience.

Make them talk about you

Through disruptive and different campaigns, you will achieve the notoriety that will help you impact your "target".

Make the difference

Create an intuitive, understandable, current, and targeted design for your audience. With it, you will make a difference.


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