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A little more about me

My mother tells me that from a very young age, I was always stunned watching TV commercials. Also that I liked to draw the house of my dreams, if I had become an architect, or that I watched many documentaries from ancient Rome, worthy of a historian.

Two weeks after finishing Selectivity, a friend told me he would do Advertising and Public Relations. This opened my eyes, that degree had everything I wanted, an opportunity to leave home, as it wasn't done in Lleida, and the name sounded good ... I did not need more, I was already packing my luggage, direction Girona .

The decision was right, I was passionate about communication from the first moment, and once we did the Graphic Design and Creativity classes, I saw that my path was going in that direction.

I did internships in advertising large and small agencies, I did a course in Creativity in the summer of 2018 and the Art Direction in Advertising master's degree  in Barcelona to achieve what became my dream, to be Creative Art Director.

And now here I am, chasing my dream and adding experiences to my own, experiences that I have tried to tell you in this space.

I'm passionate about

Practice sport

Despite not having an athlete’s body, I consider myself an athlete. I try to practice all the sports that happen to be in vogue.

All my life I have been a football goalkeeper, and I also ride a bike, play paddle, and occasionally climb, surf and snow.

Watch movies

I took this from my grandmother, she can spend all day watching movies from the 50s which she has seen a thousand times.

I try to watch classic and cult films, from which I take references to apply to work, whether concepts or ways of representing them.

Travel & explore

Again a mainstream thing ... I just need to say I do it to discover myself and blah blah blah.

The reality is that I consider myself a curious person and I love discovering new cultures, seeing all the possible monuments and museums, and walking through inspiring places.

Draw & read

I love that feeling of stepping into a different world and finding new narratives. In fact, we are writing one together with a friend, it will be called Nòmada.

Drawing is also intrinsic to me, since I have a memory that I draw, and it seems to me to be good, because as a child I won some prizes!


Do you have a project in mind?

You can write to me without any commitment, and if we get along well, we can start collaborating 😉